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Crays Committee

Cronulla Crays Committee 2016/17

Chairperson – Michele Cole
Vice Chairperson – Paul King
Treasurer – Joanne Parker
Assistant Treasurer – Kellie Walker
Secretary – Bob Sagar
Registrar – Richard Hedley
Assistant Registrar – Rebecca Ingram

Child Protection Officer – Andrew Mayfield
Water Safety Coordinator – Carlo Villanti
Education & Life Saving Coordinator – Alanna Street
Social Coordinator – Georgie Redrup
JAG Finance and Sponsorship Committee – Paul King, Joanne Parker, Michele Cole and Jamie Power
BJD Delegates – Michele Cole and Jamie Power
Officials Delegate – Jamie Power

Team Manager – Nicole Browning
Team Manager – Robert (Max) Walker
Assistant Team Manager – Michele Cole
Assistant Team Manager – Joanne Parker
Age Group Coordinator – Robert (Max) Walker
Under 6 & 7 Age Group Coordinator – Ian Goode

Head JAG Coach – Nathan Steiner
Assistant JAG Coach – Alex Fleming
Junior JAG Water Coach – Jack Robertson
Head JAG Beach Coach – Mark Redrup
Assistant JAG Beach Coach – Ray Masters
Junior JAG Beach Coach – Jordan Duncan
Junior JAG Flag Coach – Tim Tardent
JAG Team and Age Group Selectors – Nathan Steiner, Alex Fleming, Mark Redrup, Ray Masters, Michele Cole and Joanne Parker
Gear Steward – Harry Leontsinis

Monthly Committee Meeting Dates for 2016-2017 listed below commence at 7.15pm SHARP in the Purcell Room. Attendance of all Committee members and Age Managers is expected to assist in the development and bettering of the club.

These are the meetings for the rest of the season and may be subject to change.

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