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Age Manager Resources

The below guides are to be used in conjunction with running your age groups activities for the season. These booklets detail guidelines for surf education lessons to be given to nipper age groups. Please download and complete the record sheets relevant to your age group and return them to the Lifesaving Coordinator by the 29th November.  If you have not yet completed an age managers course, then please refer to upcoming course information below.

U6 Age Guide – Surf Play 1

U7 Age Guide – Surf Play 2

U8 Age Guide – Surf Aware 1

U8 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U9 Age Guide – Surf Aware 1

U9 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U10 Age Guide – Surf Safe 1

U10 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U11 Age Guide – Surf Safe 2

U11 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U12 Age Guide – Surf Smart 1

U12 Age Guide – Recordsheet

U13 Age Guide – Surf Smart 2

U13 Age Guide – Recordsheet

If the above links do not work please follow the below directions for downloading Age Guides

1. Go to SLSA member portal webpage   ( ) and log into member portal

2. Click on “Library” tab along the top banner

3. Expand “Education/Training” option then open “Member”> “SLSA”> “JDR Resources”

4. Download Relevant Age Guide.

Other resources:

SLSA Age Managers Guide (2nd Edition)

SLSA Age Manager Course Participant Workbook (2nd Edition)

SLSA Age Manager Course Presenters Guide (2nd Edition)

SLSA Age Manager Course PowerPoint Presentation (2nd Edition)

Nippers Water Safety Guidelines

Minimum Water Safety Guidelines

SLSA Surf Sports Manual Links applicable to nippers

The below links provide detailed information regarding carnival events including event layout and distances required for each age group and can be useful for setting up similar club events.

SECTION 4 – Swimming events

SECTION 6 – Paddle Board events

SECTION 8 – Multi Discipline (Ironperson, Cameron Relay, Board rescue)

SECTION 9 – Beach events

SECTION 10 – March past

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