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Sunday Nippers Schedule

Program – 10th December 2017


This Sunday is our 2nd Handicap points score day, please stick to the program and make way for the next group in good time, thank you.


This Sunday is the FINAL day to complete any proficiencies. Any nippers needing to do theirs will need to meet Ilana Crowe at the Purcell Room Bar at 8.15am, no later

Water Safety

Water Safety must meet at 8.15am at the patrol room to sign the log book. Nathan Robinson is water safety coordinator this week. Water safety must also sign the logbook.

This week will be the 1st week of rostering 3 age groups onto water safety duties. As communicated in an earlier email this is necessary to make sure we are covered with enough personnel to fill the Lost Nipper search teams as required by Sydney Branch Safety requirements. Please make sure you have your groups quota filled and the helpers briefed on their responsibilities to attend the water safety meeting and to sign the logbook in the patrol room.


Beach Set Up & Pack Up. Set Up Begins at 6.45 am

Under 9 Boys are on set up & pack up this week. Please ensure you get as many as possible to help, thanks in advance


Under 6 & Under 7

Under 7’s will return to the LTS program for the last time this year. Under 6’s will be the first back to LTS after the Christmas break.

Under 6’s will go to Gunnamatta Bay, this has been cleared with the council to avoid any issues in the future. The Bay is booked as our back up location for the whole season. Please advise your groups where to meet for registration and please organise to collect some equipment and boards to be taken to use at the bay. 

Please also be mindful of the public using the bay for their regular Sunday morning activities, the swimming pool is not to be used by the nippers as the RSL uses it for their own Swimming club races.



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