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Coaching / Club Training

Beach Training 2013/14

Steve Strawbridge/Ray Masters – Thursday at Wanda 5:00pm start

Starting 24th September 2013

Mark Redrup – Wednesday 4:30 to 5:30pm at Cronulla

Starting 25th September 2013


Swim/Surf Training 2013/14

Starting this Saturday 12th October at the beach 3pm

Look for Dave Came in the white Coaching Staff Shirt.


March Past Training 2013/14    R & R Training 2013/14

R & R – 2 PERSON (U10-U13)
R & R – 5 PERSON (U12-U15)

Briefing Session

Sunday 27 Oct, 10:30am, Ballroom

March Past is literally the ‘flagship’ event of any surf carnival and one of the most traditional events that still exists today.  Just as timeless are the Rescue & Resuscitation events.

Any nipper that can commit to a Friday 4:30 March Past and/or  Wednesday 5:30 R&R weekly training session and intends to be at branch (15/2) and state are encouraged to join. It is a great way to make friends across age groups and represent the club, no matter your ability.


Board Training 2013/14

We are now at Cronulla Beach for Board Training

Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Saturday mornings 8.30am will start November


For all enquiries call

Robert (Max) Walker

Coaching Coordinator

0411 240 527

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